Shandong New Swiss Group convened to raise the overall stage awards ceremony concluded

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Shandong New Swiss Group convened to raise the overall stage awards ceremony concluded

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  Shandong New Swiss Group convened to raise the overall stage awards ceremony concluded.

  The meeting will begin with a comprehensive summary by Comrade Lin Qingli, assistant general manager on April 9, has been carried out to raise the overall work, so that we both see the results, and also to see the lack of more clear direction and goals for the next.

  The meeting was chaired by the Executive Director fees Xuebin comrades took recognition of the decision.

  The chairman and vice president Wang Yuxi as "to enhance the advanced team - power plant management team issued a the flowing red flag and bonus of 1,000 yuan.

  Assistant general manager Linqing Li Comrade Liu Yuxi vice president for "progressive team - MDF plant management team issued a the flowing red flag and prize money of 500 yuan.

  Award, the chairman of an important speech.
  Expectations and requirements of the winning team. The chairman pointed out that the winning team after on an objective evaluation of the company, is also consistent and weekdays working conditions. I hope the two winning teams to redouble their efforts further, hold this honor. He stressed that this is the honor of the team, the teamwork, the result of joint efforts. We want in future competitions, but also the worst team sent the yellow flag, to form advanced more advanced and backward in time the state-of-the-art atmosphere.

  The chairman further stressed the need to raise the overall work. Everyone further understanding be changed. Raise the overall class preparation work, classes in management, classes summarizes strict shift system, the basic work. There the individual comrades believe that the trouble is not necessary, it is not on, the idea is so that we can work.

  Mobility problems. The chairman pointed out, we do a solid job in management, is to retain high-quality employees, to make them a better return on continuous excellent staff, insurance, wages, promotion priority. Poor performance of employees, to inspire him, indeed incompetent to streamline down. Work to raise the overall selection of staff, refining.

  Work processes, standards, responsibility, inspection, assessment and other aspects of the chairman of the board and re-emphasized. Workflows and standard links, each person, each post should improve the work processes and standards through the specification process, clear criteria for evaluation is good or bad, workshop, Human Resources departments to assist this work better. Responsibility to clear link to the in clear criteria premise, or take responsibility for further clear, must be responsible to the people, to have a clear time requirements, the division of responsibilities in order to be investigated and assessment. Inspection and examination of aspects of each site, how long it must be according to the standard to check the responsibility to implement, and to timely reward and punishment. To achieve better results in May, from several aspects seriously meticulous manner.

  About how meticulous manner to raise the overall work. The chairman pointed out that the leaders in charge of the company, the person in charge of the various systems of these elements in the charge of the system in the real implementation of the primary responsibility, heads of departments, branch manager directly responsible for. Assistant general manager, director of human resources to the overall supervision of the management, the Executive Director of Human Resources to be a comprehensive follow-up, training and guidance, inspections and examinations, have the primary responsibility. Hope to raise the overall management cadres mature and become qualified managers. Staff at all levels to eye ground, mouth Qin Tuiqin, to know how to discover the problem, solve the problem, to say to make it clear, you want to check, walking up close and employees. Our management staff through positive action, vying for a model, striving to be the pacesetter, to realize the value of life.

  About purchases, sales, warehousing, administration and logistics sector to raise the overall. The chairman pointed out that these sectors must act quickly. Is marketed as a leader, but also to better stimulate the production of our products to the market at a reasonable price through market-driven development of the new Swiss. In the area of environmental health, but also intensify thoroughly good health, the environment clean and tidy, qualified environmental protection standards and to hold. Throw Dumping phenomenon recently, infrastructure and looked up, though has been cleaned up, but the management of the office have to come up with the processing results. Infrastructural construction, dug a bad cable phenomenon occurs arrangements work there are serious omissions. Logistics, administration, staff accommodation, and whether the price is reasonable, the health standards have assessment and appraisal. We must ensure that employees have a good accommodation conditions after a hard day. Raise the overall work, can not raise the level of work, not to do a good job will be eliminated. Leaking water pipes yesterday, the construction process inspection, quality acceptance do bit? Arrangements for the construction inspection, right? These departments should make a set an example to the production system. Executive Director of the implementation of these work investigated, try not conscientious, have a clear view to explain itself to actively work hard. We have to take action to accept the supervision and inspection of the Executive Director, the Executive Director of the implementation of work to play check, assessment, supervisory role. Implementation in place or not, depending on the executive director of a bold, fair, fair assessment of each post assessment, punishment and reward.

  Liu new vice president on how to convey, carry out, implement, chairman of the spirit of the speech put forward specific requirements. Cadres and employees to conscientiously implement the spirit of the chairman of the speech, to learn advanced, the advanced, ultra-advanced, and contribute with their own practical action for the new Swiss!

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