Warm Qing Zhu Xinrui Automation Group Restaurant formal operations

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Warm Qing Zhu Xinrui Automation Group Restaurant formal operations

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 After nearly six months of construction and feature upgrades, and the expectations of the whole plant more than 1,000 employees, the new Swiss the employee self Routine restaurant finally officially began operations in June 2010.

  Cafeteria with the hospitality of the guests, the staff restaurant, after many company leaders to negotiate argumentation isin line to provide more nutritious meals for employees, a more diverse selection of lower consumption for the purpose ofconstruction. New cafeteria will provide employees with all kinds of fried dishes, cooking, slow cooker, pasta, porridge and other dishes for employees' freedom of consumption, large seafood and poultry meat, all kinds of claypot small, fast-foodeverything has greatly enriched the employee's choice. The cafeteria dishes priced just ordinary restaurant, about 50% of thehotel, and meals to health, full weight, unanimously welcomed by staff, the new Swiss buffet restaurant opened, praiseemployees to come to dinner.

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