Love relay, highlighting the new Swiss truth

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Love relay, highlighting the new Swiss truth

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  In the afternoon of August 7, 2010, in the new Swiss office building in front of the the new Swiss Group Human Resources organized for difficult employees of the new Swiss Group gluten flour mill Comrade Zhou Ruijin, a donation activity. The new Swiss Group management for donations, and fully demonstrated the new Swiss solidarity teamwork and a high sense of morality.

  New Swiss Group gluten flour mill employees Comrade Zhou Ruijin, apply for leave, because his father was seriously ill and attaches great importance to cause a the gluten flour mill management. Zhou Ruijin, Comrade gluten flour mill and a packaging job operatives seriously in accordance with the job workflow and standards, comply with the rules and regulations of the company labor discipline, never happened quality issues and metering accidents. Although he was very reluctant to the job, but in order to fulfill family responsibilities, as a last resort to resign.
  Gluten flour mill factory manager Sun Chunsheng comrades about this situation, mobilize factory employees for donations. Company Management Committee was informed that, a report to the chairman.Chairman of the Board attaches great importance to the requirements of the Management Committee must take a good run.According to the spirit of the instructions of the Chairman of the Board, the company's human resources morning issued contributionsWritten proposal, 14:00 held a donation activity, managers at all levels have walked onto the stage for donations.
  As work on August 7, a total of 6480 yuan donation, which donated 2,000 yuan on behalf of the group of companies, chairman of personal donation of 2,000 yuan; Management Committee members and managers at all levels of a total donation of 2,250 yuan, the power plant Bingban donations230 yuan. Donation is currently all units carry out in.
  The morning of August 17, 2010, the new Swiss Group production vice president Liu Yuxi, Executive Director fees Xuebin, the gluten flour mill factory manager Sun Chunsheng and his entourage made ​​a special trip to the Zhou Ruijin father lived in the hospital, to 8,380 yuan donations handed full of loveZhou Ruijin, and the hands of his father. Holding the hands of the money, ZHOU Rui's father, choking back tears, speechless, just blindly nod gratitude do not use words table. Although these donations of money from the expensive medical costs are very far, but we believe that with the power of love, Zhou Ruijin father's disease will be up. Let us bless them!

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