I Group held safety knowledge contest

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I Group held safety knowledge contest

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  Group developed the "hot and humid season work plan", August 28, the company held as scheduled the theme of "security responsibility, focusing on the implementation of the" safety knowledge contest ".

  The entire activities by Qi Guanbu hosted, game preparation, and to create an atmosphere, to the various aspects of safety knowledge, learning, application, drills are carried out methodically.
  Activities, we emphasize the implementation of each unit number one responsibility, the leadership at all levels of the organization responsible for the implementation of measures, prevention and control.
  Competition, five teams vying Responder, quizzes, lively atmosphere. Ultimately, flour mill, power plant, alcohol plant three team points awarded to first, second, of three gluten flour mill, MDF plant encouraged Award. The activities to achieve the expected results.
  Through such activities, so that the majority of employees in a tight spare time, be able to relax, and to further strengthen safety awareness, safe behavior, really implement the "safety first, prevention first, full participation, comprehensive management"work requirements.
  The company will be the event as an opportunity to further work in the future to organize a variety of activities, and gradually establish and improve the safety culture of the new Swiss Group.

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